Alumni Association

I offer you greetings on behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the office of the Director for Alumni Relations.  I wish you heath and prosperity now and in the future.  We are here to serve you, the alumni and friends of Lock Haven University.  There is a sense of family at Lock Haven University.  I felt it the first days I was on campus and continue to feel it today.  I met my wife, Terri, at Lock Haven.  We continue to return many times each year and have enjoyed meeting new friends across generations.  However, when we see an old friend we have not seen in years, the connection remains and we pick up where we left off.  

The university has continued to evolve since my wife and I graduated from Lock Haven University.  If you would indulge me for a moment to reminisce, since the 1980's when I matriculated through LHU:     

  • Bentley Hall was expanded.
  • Rogers has undergone two renovations.
  • The Clearfield campus was established.
  • New athletic fields were established and old ones were refurbished.
  • A new Science Center was created where the Lock Haven High School once stood.
  • A new student recreation center was built below Smith and Woolridge halls.
  • A new medical building was established for the Physicians Assistant program.
  • Many new student housing facilities were built.
  • The Fredricks Carillon was created in front of the Stevenson Library.
  • The Ron Jury Fountain was built.
  • The Durrwacher Alumni Conference Center was built and is one of the center pieces on campus.  It serves to welcome prospective students, current students, alumni, and the community at large.  

I know many of you have similar memories from your time at "The Haven".  

But these only represent physical changes at Lock Haven University.  Most importantly, areas of study have also changed to prepare students to meet the challenges of our ever changing world and be competitive in a global economy.  

All of this could only be realized by the support and dedication of many invested in the success of Lock Haven University. Your support as Alumni plays a great part in Lock Haven's continued success.  

I encourage you to stay connected to Lock Haven and welcome you to visit the Clearfield and main campuses.  We hope to see you at the many events planned for the coming year.  We realize your schedule may not always allow you the time to visit "The Haven".  We have had some very successful regional events in Florida, St. Louis, Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Atlanta just to name a few.  We plan to continue these events in your area and encourage you to attend.  

Another way we are reaching out to you is through the launch of our redesigned Alumni Website.  In collaboration with the iModules services group, we believe this website will be easier to read and navigate.  Within one or two clicks, you will be able to:

See and register for upcoming events;

  • Find other registered alumni;
  • Check out scores for all LHU sporting events at GoLHU;
  • Read an online copy of “The Haven”;
  • Learn who the Alumni Association Board members are and how you can get more involved;
  • Learn what benefits are available to you as Lock Haven University Alumni;
  • Or purchase LHU gear at the online store.  

We also have links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to socialize and network with follow alumni and friends of Lock Haven University.   For example, we use Facebook quite often to spread the word of upcoming regional events.  There is also a “Spotlight” section highlighting topics we hope are of interest to you.  

Much of this would not be possible without the dedication of the Director of Alumni Relations, Ashley Koser.  Ashley very much enjoys her work at Lock Haven.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  Stop by the Office of Alumni Relations on the third floor of the Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center.  Ashley would be thrilled to see you.  


Joseph V. Koehler '84 
President, Alumni Association Board of Directors